Unpretentiousil: The Medicine That Will Cure Hipster Disorder [Humor]

If you are struggling with hipster disorder, I’ve got just the medicine that will cure you. If you live in the United States, you are probably familiar with all the drug commercials that advertise medicines that will cure this or that. The funny part is that at the end of those commercials, somebody reads the side effects so fast you can barely understand them. It’s usually something like, “The side effects include heart attack, numb arms and stroke.” Whatever the side effects are, they make you never want to take that medicine, right?

This video, which is a obviously a spoof on those commercials, advertises a drug called Unpretentiousil. If you take this medicine, it will cure you of being a hipster. I know about a dozen people who need to take this immediately.

It will cure you of apathy, lack of hygiene, frequent visits to the Apple Store, talking about your bike, making things at home that can easily be bought at the local supermarket, putting glasses on your cat, putting birds on things, putting mustaches on things, being vegan, and many more symptoms which you may suffer from if you’re a hipster.

This medicine has been scientifically proven to work, so talk to your doctor to determine if Unpretentiousil could be right for you. This drug does come with one warning – if you are allergic to change, you should definitely not take it. I have another idea that will cure hipsters. Just hang out with a group of techie geeks for a while. You’ll have so much fun that you may even decide to ditch your hipster ways. Who knows, we might even get you to convert to the dark side and actually eat a steak.

The Medicine That Will Cure Hipster Disorder




Via: [Design Taxi]