Meet Crabzilla | The Largest Crab Ever Caught

We interrupt the regular Bit Rebels programming to bring you this important announcement: Did you know that a 10 foot long crab was captured in Great Britain (he can straddle an automobile)? Yeah, I know, someone get me the crackers and some cocktail sauce for sure! He is the largest crab ever caught in Great Britain, and possibly the world.

According to, this adorable fella, named “Crabzilla” can live to be 100 years old and could continue to grow to 15 feet (claw to claw). His caretakers say that even though he could kill someone with his claws, he’s a gentle creature who minds his own business. He is currently living in a tank with a bunch of much smaller crabs, but he seems to be getting along with them all and isn’t aggressive at all. His body is the size of a basketball and I’m sure very scary. He is like a combination of a Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid and the movie Arachnophobia.

In case you happen to be in England, this giant Japanese Spider Crab is currently at the National Sea Life Center in Birmingham, and yes, he is accepting visitors. At the end of March, he will be moved to Belgium. Ok, we will now end this completely ridiculous, but true, story about a cute crab named Crabzilla.

Here is a video where you can get a great one minute education on Japanese Spider
crabs from a couple of very enthusiastic students: