Mega Detailed Ghostbuster Proton Pack Replica

With the Ghostbusters franchise rumored to get a reboot (or is it), it’s time for everyone to start creating some viral content for the Internet to surf on the hype of it all. It’s a constant that is never broken, and we see it happen over and over again. It’s almost become a rule. For the movie companies, it’s the best marketing a movie can ever get. It’s a sort of word-of-mouth promotion, just in the form of spoofs, odd and epic creations and of course a star field of creativity. I guess there is a hobby ghostbuster in all of us. How cool would it be to be on the front lines of chasing those oddballs with a proton pack on your back, right?

Oh yeah, the proton pack! So where do you get that from anyway? Well, if you are really into your ghost busting, I suggest you have a look at the following presentation. It comes from Viking Props, and it is a super detailed epic proton backpack that will take your cosplaying to a whole new level. It’s one of those epic builds that will convince anyone that you are somehow part of the “upcoming” movie itself.

So what does it cost? That’s the tricky part here. I believe this is only for high-end cosplayers since it will set you back a cool $850 for this badboy. If you are not living the ghostbuster lifestyle, I wouldn’t so much recommend buying this thing. I mean, there is a bunch of other cool stuff that you could spend that hard earned cash on. Why not take your friends out for a dinner worthy of kings? That alone would bring you to epic levels of awesomeness. But, if you decide to go for the proton pack nonetheless, just make sure you have the guts to face those slimy and evil chumps of ectoplasm goo. Now, who you gonna call? No one, you can bust them yourself.




Via: [Geekologie]