Man Builds 12,000 Square Foot Metal Scrap Dream Castle

Are you thinking about building your dream house, but you can’t seem to acquire the right resources for it? Well, there are other ways to realize your dreams if you stay on the creative side of things. That is the case with Howard Solomon, a creative individual who doesn’t see much as a problem. If you can dream it, you can build it. Furthermore, Howard’s mindset is definitely that if you build it, they will come. This was the case with his 12,000 square foot metal scrap dream castle.

We have seen quite a few things being assembled from metal scrap, but when it comes to building your dream home, it just doesn’t get any better than this. For Howard, the dream was put on a hold after he learned the piece of land he bought was actually a big swamp. The original plan was to build a really nice house, but since that would probably be a waste of time and money on that piece of land, he instead decided to start building a castle, or rather a metal scrap castle.

In order to escape any potential floods, Howard decided on a castle since it would be high enough to keep the flood away from his property. The most impressive thing with Howard’s 16th century metal scrap fortress, complete with a bell tower, moat and drawbridge, is that he has been working on it off and on since 1972. He estimates that he has spent around 12 years actively adding to the mammoth structure, which today is nothing less than a masterpiece.

The magical metal scrap castle is coated with aluminum plating, which even adds to the eye catching features of the whole castle itself. Howard even spent 4 years building a Spanish galleon in the castle moat. When Howard began building his castle, people didn’t even want their kids to play with his, but after 40 years in the area, people have grown fond of the medieval castle. It’s now the number one attraction in the area. If you have a dream then go for it. Nothing is too crazy or too bold these days. Just go for it!

Howard Solomon’s Magical Metal Scrap Castle Build




Via: [Oddity Central] [Daily Mail] Photo Credits: [Sam Howitz] [Buffy Paffenroth]