Microsoft vs. Apple: The History Of Computing [Infographic]

It’s the epic battle of the century, or was rather. Now that Bill Gates is no longer there, the battle for the thrown is no longer on an epic scale if you ask me. Now when Apple surpassed Microsoft (if I am not misinformed), it’s like it’s all about Apple ALL the time. You know, the keynotes, the gadgets and god knows what. Whatever they do, they call it groundbreaking, sexy or innovative. They might have some pretty cool products, but it’s just a matter of time before someone in a garage somewhere will come out of their dungeon and release something that even Apple can’t rival. What that will be I have no idea.

However, to look back on the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft is quite an experience since there have been some controversies over the years. The guys behind Manolution put together a quite impressive infographic that will take you through the years of their rivalry. If you think it will be one of those small, sparse and boring infographics, you are totally wrong. This is what I would call an epic sized infographic.

It’s inspirational to see a company, in this case Apple, come back from an almost certain collapse and then be built up again to one of the world’s largest and most successful corporations. Looking at the market capital and comparing the two companies will show you exactly why Apple is being somewhat cocky about their position. Their share price has been sky rocketing for the last couple of years, and it is all thanks to the new gadgets they release. It’s mostly because of the iPhone and the MacPro computers, and of course, the iTunes store. And, possibly everything else they are doing…

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