Modern Communication In A Geek’s Workday [Comic]

As I logged into Skype this morning like I do almost every morning, I started thinking about how much our communication has changed over the past decade. Modern communication is completely different now than it was even a few years ago. The generation after mine is what people are calling the first true digital natives since from birth they will be plugged in. Most of them have a digital footprint from the moment they’re born since their parents will put their birth date and baby pictures on Facebook, Twitter and maybe even their blog for everyone to see (and to be online forever). Those kids will never have a choice about remaining anonymous or having a private life.

Although I agree that it will be interesting to see how that plays out, I also think my generation is a very special one too. After all, we are the last ones who will remember going to the library to do research, talking on a phone with a cord for hours, and playing Atari with barely visible graphics while thinking it was awesome. When the current generation of kiddies become adults and want some firsthand information about what those things were like, they will have to find one of us to talk to since we are the last ones who experienced life before the technology invasion and before digital, modern communication was born.

These days, you know if a guy is serious about you if he changes his Facebook status. Instead of leaving a little note on his car, we send a text. Break-ups, heartbreaks, new loves and romance are all experienced more in the digital sphere than in the face-to-face one. If you are a geek, you know this all too well.

I thought this little comic by Bonkers World called Means of Communication put it all in perspective. I love the technology world dearly, and my entire geek lifestyle reflects that in every possible way. I am a fan of modern communication in my personal and professional life. It works well for both, and it’s an exciting time to be alive. However, at the end of the day, nothing beats seeing someone face-to-face, and I mean in the flesh, not face-to-face on Skype. LOL Just saying.

Modern Communication vs. Face-to-Face


Via: [How To Geek] Comic Credit: [Bonkers World] Header Image Credit: [slworking2 / Flickr]