Most Expensive Coffee in The World!

Coffee is one drink that is loved by so many people I know. Breakfast won’t be complete without coffee.. You can drink it hot or cold, so many variations have been concocted to create the perfect cup. It’s so popular that you can now see coffee shops sprout like mushrooms everywhere you go.

But did you know that the most expensive coffee comes from the Philippines? Coffee Alamid is Philippine Civet Coffee from wild civet droppings on the different forest floors of Philippine mountains. The Paradoxorus Philippinensis is a civet which belongs to the mongoose family – a nocturnal animal which uses its nose to choose the ripest and sweetest coffee cherries and relentlessly eats them during coffee season.  Before the sun rises, the people who live in the forest would gather the droppings. On a good day, they can collect one kilo of civet droppings.

Coffee Alamid is a blend of the Philippine’s finest Arabica, Liberica and Exelsa beans. When roasted, it exudes an almost musical, fruity aroma. It has a strong, sweet, dark chocolatey taste that is perfect for that morning kick or high power meetings. Definitely a clean cup.

You can purchase online through HERE