Most Popular European Destinations In 2019

Europe has been one of the most popular destinations for the last decade, especially if you are looking for a cultural trip, an exciting weekend with your friends, a romantic getaway or just to take a break from crowded cities and noise. We are going to list some of the most popular destinations in the last couple of months, as well as places which offer a lot of value for cheap compensation.

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Budapest, Hungary

The capital of Hungary has been on many traveling bucket lists in the last couple of years. This city is full of amazing architecture and historical places. Hungarian culture is also very specific, especially their traditional clothes and dancing. The gastronomy has become very popular as well, and there are numerous five-star restaurants located on the Danube, a European pearl river.

Taking a city tour riding a Hop of Hop-Off bus is always a good idea. There are other options for all adventure seekers as well. One of the biggest adrenaline rushes we had in a while was in the Go-Kart center.

Tourists are driving Mini Hot Rods every day in big numbers, but you will need to show a driver’s license to get access to a vehicle. The most fun part is that you are driving through the traffic, while also being able to see some of the most beautiful buildings along the way like the Buda Castle or Heroes’ Square.

Budapest’s underground activities have been a great way to avoid hot summer days and have a lot of fun. The Hungarian capital has one of the most stunning cave systems under the capital city. Cave dwellers are amazed by the complexity of caves under Budapest.

You can take a tour to visit exciting secret paths, treasures while wearing a miner’s helmet to light the path. If you are an adrenaline jockey, definitely try underground climbing as well. Sports fans can also pay a visit to Groupama Arena in Budapest. Hungarian football champions Ferencvaros are playing a match here every two weeks or less, and the crowd is just amazing.

This is the home of the national football team as well. The Hungarian football team is doing great in EURO 2020 qualifiers, and the next home game is scheduled for October 2019 against Azerbaijan. Judging by website, they are huge favorites to win this encounter smoothly.

Even though Hungary doesn’t have a sea-access, scuba diving is a trendy thing in Budapest. Of course, only the professionals and scuba divers with a license will be able to try it out, and it is definitely not made for everyone.

Tourists who meet the requirements can take a diving trip inside the caves we mentioned above, or even more extreme flooded factory near the city center. The most popular two underwater places in 2019 are Kobanya Brewery and Molnar Janos Cave.

Budapest is also the world’s unofficial capital of thermal water centers, or known as „City of Spas“. Missing an opportunity to soak in one of the world’s top spa centers would be a big mistake. The biggest establishment in Europe is the Szechenyi Bath, and it is getting around 100,000 visits monthly. You can, of course, check the prices for this spa online, and if it sounds expensive for your wallet, also check The Art Nouveau Gallery Bath or The Locals’ Favorite Bath Rudas.

When it comes to nightlife experience, definitely don’t miss Sparty. This party is held every Saturday night in the summer (organized and arranged by Szechenyi Bath). A big part of this center is transformed into a massive open-air dance club, providing a unique atmosphere for everyone. In our honest opinion, this is one of the most unforgettable nightlife experience you can get in Europe.

If you are not a big fan of spa centers, but still looking for a way to avoid high temperatures or some other aquatic facility, we highly recommend The Aquaworld Budapest. It is a perfect place if you are visiting this city with young kids.

There are numerous water slides available, both for the youngsters and seniors, surf pools, and many other aqua amazements. Even if you are traveling without a family, there is an array of saunas or jacuzzis to simply chill out.

There are many companies offering a romantic river cruise on the Danube. It goes along the Hungarian Parliament Building, Buda Castle and other fabulous architecture. There is an opportunity to experience the cruise at night as well. If you are a person who loves to have more control over the water, choose row boating instead. Kayaking on the Danube is also a unique experience, while also being very affordable.

There is also a third option when it comes to water activities on the Danube. A good adrenaline rush and high-speed ride are also available with Red Jet. This is the fastest boat available for river traffic, and tourists are happy to pay for a 30-minute wild adventure, starting from the south part of the city and ending up in the center.

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