Insane LEGO Build | ECO-Punk Crawler City

There have been a lot of articles here on Bit Rebels about LEGO builds of a variety of things. There is just no getting around it, LEGO is never going out of style and the ideas never seem to dry up. I have seen a ton of Star Wars builds throughout the life span of Bit Rebels, and quite frankly, they are becoming the norm of things and starting to get quite boring. Therefore, when I came across this build, I was like a kid in a candy store. It’s the pinnacle of LEGO construction and a professional execution of high tech superiority.

The LEGO fanatic and builder Dave DeGobbi didn’t exactly start out small with this build. If you can find anything missing on this, I’d be happy to hear about it because when looking at the inventory list of things that are incorporated on this build… well, let’s just say that the list could go on forever. If you look at the amazing high resolution images, you will be able to find: Living areas, elevators, gardens, a hanger, sliding hooks, a runway, cranes, storage rooms, food courts, solar panels, construction areas, crawlers, a grandstand… as I said, I could go on forever.

Unfortunately, I had no way or time to find out how long the build took or how many pieces were involved in building this monumental piece of awesomeness. However, one thing is certain – this thing is, I am sure, every kids dream. It has it all, and when looking at it, there’s nothing even I wouldn’t want to take a closer look at.

PS: For high resolution quality click the images.

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