Movie Snack Breakdown: The Scary Truth

I bet you are a frequent movie goer if you are reading this. Why else would you want to know anything about movie snacks, right? Oh wait, you could of course be one of those movie junkies who sits at home in front of your super mega big screen and surround sound blasting away those sci-fi movies while you dunk down the movie snacks like there was no tomorrow. If that is the case, then this whole article is probably something you will want to read as well. I usually just watch movies while I work, and by the time I am done working, I have often gone through a set of three or four movies in a constant stream. For some reason it relaxes me, and my work is way simpler that way.

I must say that I don’t often have a snack by my side while I watch movies or work, however boring that might sound. A Coke might sneak its way onto my desk, but that’s only because I am thirsty and need something refreshing. I don’t think I am a huge health freak who counts calories and footsteps taken during the day. I wouldn’t consider myself unhealthy though, but you have to enjoy life to some extent, right?

The movie snacks of today are probably countless times more unhealthy than they were back in the 60s or 70s I reckon. Today everything is covered in some kind of fat or sugar, but I guess that’s why they are so appealing to people. Are you sure you know what it is you are snacking on while you are watching that new epic movie you’ve been waiting to see? I bet you don’t, and I think you will get a slight shock when you really see how much fat and sugar you may be stuffing yourself with during the 2 hours the movie lasts. Do you feel healthy now? Infographic created by Diet-to-go.

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The Truth About Movie Snacks