Music From A Dry Cleaner: Epic Songwriting Session [Video]

When writing music, there is a technical aspect to it that most people don’t know about. In order to get the unique sound that you want as a producer, you have to create your own sound back (sample bank). You do that by recording stuff like real kick drums, snares or whatever you want your sound bank to hold. It’s a time consuming process, but when you are finished and you feel completely satisfied with it, you will have nothing less than your very own production sound. It’s what every producer wants, and it can sometimes take years of tweaking and sampling in order to put together the perfect sounds for the kind of songs you want to write.

And if you thought finding the right sounds is a hard endeavor to go through, you are both right and wrong. Sure, it takes a long time to accumulate them; however, there are always sounds all around us. For example, a set of keys can become a pretty good percussion element in your song if it is recorded right and then tweaked to fit into your song’s sound scape. It’s all about the frequencies in the sound that determine the sound compatibility, but let’s not get into all the details about that.

Instead, to demonstrate that there are always sounds around us that can create good music, just have a look at a video clip of Diego Stocco who sets out on a journey to record an instrumental song all in a dry cleaner’s shop. What he manages to put together is truly epic, and you have to listen through it completely to understand what I am talking about. It’s just amazing what a few tweaks and a creative mind can put together. Badass is all I can say about this! Props!

Music From A Dry Cleaner

Via: [Béhance]