Near Death Experience: World’s Most Diabolical Prank Ever

It’s no joke that it was April Fool’s Day yesterday and pretty much the entire world was pulling the rug out from under their closest friends and loved ones. The pranks of course varied in their nastiness, and I am sure at least a couple of relationships were broken due to the exaggeration of a joke. But if it’s prank day, you have to take it all like a trooper and make sure you know it will all be better tomorrow.

Personally, I fell for just one simple little joke, but I kind of would have hoped for a more elaborate one since those usually are way more entertaining. However, I am happy about not being the focal point of something as diabolical as some of the pranks we can check out on the Internet today. Pretty much every major blog has them, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a few that will put you in a fetal position laughing your guts out.

The most diabolical joke I have honestly ever seen I stumbled upon yesterday. I was preparing and compiling some code, and I had a couple of minutes to YouTube. Yeah, i really do have a life… sometimes. What I found was nothing less than hilarious, but I am sure that depends entirely on which side of the joke you are on. The guy that is subjected to this near death experience must feel like the luckiest man alive today, really.

I could go on an on about what happens and all that, but it is way more fun if you look at the video clip yourself and experience the same thing as I went through when the joke is finally pulled off. Let’s just say that I wouldn’t want to be in this guy’s position, ever.

Most Diabolic Prank Ever Made