Nerf On The Job – Best Way To Deal With The Boss

It would be unfair to say that everyone enjoys their work as much as we do here at Bit Rebels. The geek mojo here is in excessive supply, and we kick off each morning by shooting stuff sideways to boost moral and to hint of another great day at the… uh… keyboard. What do you do if you are super bored and your boss is constantly on your butt about the latest numbers or that call that you were supposed to have made yesterday? Well, the only solution then would surely be to bring out the nerf.

The work turf is maybe a place that should be kept holy and not disturbed by the many games of a playful mind, but a quick episode of nerf gun war is never to be passed up. Sure, your boss would not approve, but there is a science to the whole thing you see. If you can get enough co-workers to join ya and moral is up… there is no way your boss could disagree with a growing mobster of on-the-job nerfers.

So, invest in a nerf gun, rifle or bazooka and let your co-workers know that you are holding your own. Make it the marketing department vs. accounting and then have tech support be the ever hiding rebellion force always ready to kick your butt. There is a way to incorporate everything into that work schedule, and still get more done because your work energy just got higher. After all, having fun at work is what it’s all about. Have you seen the office of Google for example? There is a reason why they are one of the most successful companies on the planet.