NES Breathalyzer Game: The Ultimate Party Game

So you’re having a party this upcoming Friday and all your geek friends are invited.  On for the night is some retro gaming, and it’s of course the Nintendo NES that is in the spotlight.  What else could bring back that retro feeling of the past?  Super Mario is of course the first highlight of the evening, and there are a bunch of cool things you could rank and score.  It’s all up to your imagination really.  There are plenty of games to play, but the question is really, what games were you able to buy before the newer consoles came out and grabbed your attention?  The Super Mario one is an example of course, but I don’t think there was ever a game released that you could really mess with when having a party.

That’s really why three guys set out on a mission to create the very first party game for Nintendo NES.  The three guys are Batsly Adams who is the coder, Kris Keyser who created the chiptune music and artist Emi Spice who’s the Motherboard photographer.  They all got together and created the Breathalyzer Party Game.

It’s basically a NES cartridge that has been modified into a breathalyzer.  You blow into the cartridge and the game tells you on what level you are partying.  If you don’t measure up, you’ll be labeled as the dry-ball of the party.  It’s a good way to get the boost back into the party for sure.  Just have all the boring people blow into the cartridge and you can be sure they will change their attitude and get into the flow of the party.  Let’s get the party started!

Nintendo Party Drunken NES Game

Nintendo Party Drunken NES Game