New Death Star Tiles Will Make Star Wars Fans Go Bonkers

Star Wars fans have always been heavily creative they come up with the most mind-blowing things sometimes, which of course makes even more fans come up with other awesome ideas. If you are a Star Wars fan, you know that if you could just put a little more Star Wars into your life then it would of course be epic. The ways you can fix up your home “Star Wars-style” has been quite limited. That is until a design team got together to create a set of Death Star tiles.

It was when designer Victor Brown collaborated with Tom Spina Designs that these Death Star tiles were invented and refined. If you have seen the movies you know how detailed the Death Star really is when the camera gets close to it, and I guess that is why these guys wanted to replicate it. The level of detail that they have been able to add to these wall tiles is almost mind numbing.

Naturally they came up with the idea when thinking about the infamous trench run scene in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Equipped with a fresh pool of inspiration they set out to create this magnificent set of Death Star tiles that you just have to see to believe. In total, there are 14 different 12″ by 12″ tiles that fit together no matter how you decide to compose your wall.

When the 14 different tiles were designed Lonnie Hale took over and produced 120 of them in cast resin. Unfortunately, these Death Star tiles are not yet for sale, and where only installed in a Star Wars-themed home movie theater in order to finish off the complete design and look of it. As you can see, it makes the whole theater look a lot more epic, and with viral success, (which I am sure is going to be the case with these Death Star tiles), maybe they will think about mass producing these so mortals like you and I can have an awesome Star Wars home as well.

Victor Brown & Tom Spina Designs’ Death Star Tiles

Epic Death Star Tiles

Epic Death Star Tiles

Epic Death Star Tiles

Via: [Technabob]