New Challenge – Solve Your Rubik’s Cube Blindfolded

A few weeks ago we featured an article about a Rubik’s cube for the visually impaired. I’ve always loved the Rubik’s cube and it was fun to read about that. You can check it out here: Colored Rubik’s Cube For The Blind Ironically, to me, that Rubik’s cube is much more visually appealing than the standard Rubik’s cube.

I found another unique Rubik’s cube to share with you today. This one is created by Brian Doom, so it is affectionately called the “Rubik’s Cube of Doom.” This Rubik’s cube is special because it is designed for both blind and sighted people. According to, “Brian’s goal was to get an intuitive sense of where the cubes went when they were moved while solving the puzzle… This makes it a great play in the dark as well as an enhancement to those who see through the sense of touch, without sacrificing its usability for us common men.”

Once it is solved, each side of this cube has a different color, a different texture and a different shape. The guide off of Brian Doom’s website is below. I’m going to sound like a big geek when I say this, but I think it would be so much fun to put on a blindfold and see how fast I could solve this. #iwantone #reallybad