Nintendo NES Guitar: It Doesn’t Get Much More Old School

There have been a ton of customizations during 2010, and it seems the trend is going to continue in 2011. We’ve seen pretty much everything become an instrument that you can actually use to rock your heart out with. What makes some of these people take their beloved epic ’80s gear and mod them into something that looks out of this world, I will never understand. However, there is nothing as satisfying as seeing someone take on a project and actually pull it off, almost making the finished mod cooler than the beginning gadget. It seems nothing is sacred, and as long as it is in line with the phrase “geek,” you can always be sure someone is ready to commit to it. So how could you possibly make a Nintendo NES base station even cooler than it already is? Wouldn’t it be blasphemy to destroy a NES console for the sake of a geeky mod?

Well, the guys over at GetLoFi certainly don’t think so, and what they have done is something that even I think is acceptable when it comes to destroying an ’80s cult gadget. They have created a Nintendo NES Guitar that is nothing less than awesome. There is a band out there that I just know had to be their first customer. Of course, I don’t remember their name right now, but they play only Nintendo game music in 8-bit.

If you want to get one of these yourself you can. But, be sure to understand you’ll be waiting for quite a while cause at this very moment they are sold out. All you can do is add yourself to the ever growing waiting list, and they will notify you when they have one for you. The price for this babdoy is $150.00. Awesomesauce!