No Drip Popsicle Lifehack Saves The Summer

Popsicles, the cooldown for humans of all ages. Probably one of humanities finest achievements so far. Well, maybe not, but on a scorching hot day, it certainly seems like it. There is only one problem; popsicles are broken. They have always been, and no one has taken the time to fix them. That is until now. Grant Thompson, also known as the King of Random, has come up with a lifehack that might very well change the course of popsicle history. He has created a no drip popsicle lifehack that will bend your mind.

Eating a popsicle or ice cream in the sun is a dangerous endeavor. It can drip on you! To a child, it can be a life-altering experience, and the chaotic aftermath can sometimes be compared to the very end of the world. We should all be happy that people like Grant exist and that they come up with these genius ideas. So what is it? Stop stalling! Yes, yes, okay!

How do you stop popsicles and ice creams from dripping? You do it with the help of Jello of course! Popsicles and ice creams come in all sorts and shapes, and this little lifehack will probably work no matter what kind you are making. That’s right; this lifehack is unfortunately not for popsicles and ice creams that you buy. It is purely for the ones that you make at home. The “healthy” and delicious alternatives.

What you do is you prepare the Jello of your preferred taste and then instead of pouring it into a bowl, pour it into your popsicle mold and put it into the freezer. When it has solidified, it is ready to be enjoyed. Just pop it out of the mold, in this case, awesome Star Wars lightsaber popsicle molds and start eating them. You can bring them with you to the beach or into the scorching hot sun without them melting. The only thing that will happen to them is that they will start to sag a bit, but that’s about it. This no drip popsicle lifehack is brilliant, don’t you think?

No Drip Popsicle Lifehack – Summer Is Saved

No Drip Popsicle Lifehack

No Drip Popsicle Lifehack

No Drip Popsicle Lifehack