Only The Killingest Chalkboard Game…EVER!

It’s 3pm on Friday and you and your colleagues are flooded with work you have to get finished before the week is over. You have been blasting out those post it notes like there is no tomorrow and even had to order a new batch of them as your supply is depleted. The monotone work is getting to you, and you find yourself dreaming of a vacation on the other side of the world.

I guess we all have been in that situation before, and we are still wondering how to break free from the event-less boredom that creeps up on us when that happens. I think I have the solution for you. Remember those games from our childhood like hangman, tic-tac-toe and all those other short time winning games? Well, throw the out the window or write them down on a piece of paper and flush them down the nearest toilet. The conference room chalkboard can be used for so much more awesomeness than that.

Blackboard Combats – I dare to say that it’s only the killingest game ever that will keep you and your colleagues occupied for hours at a time… if you have the time. It’s the perfect game for that after work party at the office. Just bring your cell phone cameras and start the battle. It’s simple yet effective. Just draw your best attack that defeats your opponent and get into position. Snap a picture and let the other combatant have a go at you. Whether it is a ball of fire, a sledgehammer punch, throwing the Eiffel Tower or even letting it rain war monkeys on your opponents head, the choice is yours. Your imagination determines whether you win or not. When you are done, make sure you put up the best drawings on the company website to show off your company’s awesomeness.

So stop being a lamer and get to work… literally. Make that chalkboard the home of your office wars and make it good. Your pride depends on it. Now, where’s my chalk…