Ooh La La! Sexy Super Mario Latex Cosplay Costume

Dang, Mario has come a long way, hasn’t he? Or, maybe I should say she. I’m staring at this sexy tight costume and trying to figure out if I could pull it off. We’ve seen a lot of Super Mario cosplay and costumes lately, but this one is definitely my favorite.

This outfit is made out of rubber (latex) which I think just adds to the geekiness. According to shhhcouture‘s Etsy profile, she “creates latex garments designed to enhance the female silhouette and make the wearer feel like a bombshell.” Ooh la la! I’m just wondering though, would I have to wear that much makeup on my face when wearing this? It looks so thick, like it could be chiseled off with a knife. I suppose it’s all part of the look though, and I love it!

The glittery red Mario hat is made by a different Etsy member, janinebasil. Put the two together to create this complete look that will have every geeky guy this side of the Mississippi noticing you. You can go here to purchase the costume and here to purchase the hat. They are a little pricey, but being true to your inner geek has never been cheap, has it?

Nintendo Mario Girl Geek Costume

Nintendo Mario Geek Girl Costume

Via: [Technabob]