Eye-Controlled Smartphones: Surf & Play Games With Your Eyes

This is one of those things that we knew was coming, it was all only a matter of time. About a year ago, Richard wrote about the people at Waterloo Labs who figured out how to play Super Mario only using their eyes. A few months after that, Tobii Technology and Lenovo demonstrated an eye-controlled laptop. Now it appears this technology might actually be available to all of us in 2012.

Senseye is not only developing this technology further right now, they say it will be available on Android handsets in a matter of months. According to their website, the Senseye software allows users to interact with their mobile device just by looking at it. This includes surfing the Internet, scrolling and even gaming. The technology is so precise it can even tell what icon you are looking at.

The magic lies in the front-facing camera. A complex algorithm analyzes the image captured by the camera. Obviously for someone who is handicapped, this could be very useful. However, what about the rest of us? Is the fact that we won’t even need our hands to operate our smartphone just another way for us to take our tech laziness to the next level, or could it truly help our productivity since we could be handsfree most of the time if we want to. I guess only time will tell.

Automatic Android Screen Activation

Automatic Android Scrolling With Vision

Via: [gizmag]