Super Mario Bathroom: Expect Your Stay To Be Extensive

There are plenty of tutorials out there that show you how to geekify just about anything.  To Super Marionize something is considered an art form in today’s geeky society, and you can be sure that the accomplishments you achieved when you were younger, like finishing the first Super Mario game, will come in second to the creations of uber geeks around the world.  We’ve seen everything from the insides of Super Mario to magnetized refrigerator elements to build your own mushroom kingdom.

However, seldom have we seen anything extensive enough that it will change the way we live our lives.  Well, this might not do that either, but you can be sure that if you geek out your bathroom the way the hobby interior designer did below, your stay in there will become a longer story than perhaps you expected.  An Imgur user repainted her bathroom, and you can be dead sure it won’t be your usual surprise when you enter it.  You will completely get immersed in the mushroom kingdom, and the experience is going to be most encapsulating.

Some people read a magazine while they do their business, and others bust out their iPad and browse their way through their bathroom visits.  If you’re at this girl’s house, you are likely to just stare at the walls trying to figure out your next move to save the princess.  Well, if you’re dedicated enough to see it through, you will most likely stay in there for quite a while since there is no real way of completing your mission.  When you’re done, you can be sure to wash your hands of with one of the awesome soap Nintendo controllers that Mario offers you.  Hmm, just don’t forget to do the thing you went in there for… #JustSaying

Blocks Super Mario Bathroom Wall

Toilett Flower Tube Paint Job

Mushroom Box Drop Wall Paint

Super Marion Jumping On Block

Super Mario Trash Can Block

Super Mario Soap Nintendo Controller

Super Mario Bathroom Sink View

Bathroom Blue Wall Paint Job

Original Bathroom Before Paint Job