Our Beloved R2-D2: Dissected Into All His Geeky Parts

R2-D2 has always been my favorite astromech droid. If he was human, Artoo could have been the perfect man. He was brave, courageous, had a fun personality, liked to play with all kinds of gadgets, and above all, he selflessly contributed to saving the galaxy, never complaining or causing a problem.

Many people thought R2-D2 was overweight, including C-3PO, but he wasn’t. He was just short and stocky, nothing wrong with that. He was always so good at pulling out a sensor or a secret weapon at just the right moment. His little body was truly a mystery in those movies, and that was one of the best parts of R2-D2.

So, since I have a robot-crush on him, it stings a little to see this poster where he is dissected piece by piece. This R2-D2 deconstruction print, called “A Linch Pin Droid,” took Kevin Tong three months to complete (working 6-8 hours a day). The process by which he was able to uncover all the hidden places of R2-D2, many of which couldn’t be seen by the human eye in the movies, is fascinating. He watched the original trilogy dozens of times. He would have to pause certain parts and re-watch them over and over just to make sure every detail was right. In the video below you can see exactly how he did this.

Kevin created this poster, which also glows in the dark, for Mondo. They’ve decided to sell 400 of them for $50 each. They go on sale here on Friday. Although I admire Kevin’s talent and divine geekiness, I don’t think I would want one of these. I want my precious R2-D2 to remain intact in my mind.

[via Technabob]