Parcel Broker Breaks Barriers With “The Wall” From Game Of Thrones

After months of debate, theory-sharing, and re-watches, Game of Thrones has finally returned to our screens. The highly anticipated season 7 of HBO’s immensely popular show has everybody talking and this has brought people closer together. We now wait to learn the fate of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, The Hound and other popular characters.

The Wall

[pullquote]If your office spends every lunch break discussing the show, you may want to capitalize on this through team building.[/pullquote] The popular parcel broker Parcel2Go cleverly used a few of their spare boxes to bring the continent of Westeros into their own office.

The parcel broker created a wall out of boxes to separate their office, inspired by the 700-foot solid ice wall which separates the realm from the terrifying White Walkers.

The creativity used in this team-building game is not only amazing but how cool is it that you could incorporate a bit of Game of Thrones into your working time and still make your salery. If you ask me, it’s a total win!

What You Need

The good news is that you do not have to be a parcel broker to try this out in your own office. All you need is a few GoT obsessed employees, plenty of cardboard boxes, a lot of parcel tape and a few spare hours. The parcel broker took inspiration from the Night’s Watch and got to work after hours to avoid a dip in productivity!

In addition to constructing an almighty wall, the parcel broker also created cardboard cut-out castles and trees for a more immersive feel. If you have some artistic and eager employees, this could be a nice touch and a great opportunity to add personality. Other options could include drawing on the boxes or using other materials to create Game of Thrones-related items.

Teamwork Vs Magic

The Wall on the show was constructed in part by magic, but you can create your office wall simply by taping columns of boxes together and stacking these next to one another. Be sure to do this as a team to boost morale and encourage your employees to communicate and work together towards the same goal.

Too Effective?

Although this is a great team-building activity, the parcel broker found that the wall was a little too effective in separating the office. By dividing the office and restricting face-to-face communication, it inhibits productivity and can even lead to conflict (not the type on the show, fortunately!). As a result, the wall was soon broken down – will we see the same thing happen in this season when the White Walkers reach The Wall? We will soon find out.

Although the end result was not ideal, the actual process of building the wall united the parcel broker employees and boosted spirits. The importance of team building should not be overlooked as it can do wonders for morale, motivation, and communication. This can result in improved performance, but crucially, it also creates a positive and enjoyable atmosphere in the office.

Other GoT Ideas

If your office is GoT crazy, it is worth taking inspiration from the parcel broker and combining the show with your next team-building event. A few ideas include building an Iron Throne, hosting a GoT quiz, watching new episodes together, decorating the office and designating different departments as different Houses (Stark, Lannister, Targaryen etc.)

Popularity of the show is at an all-time high as the new season gets underway. Much like this popular parcel broker, there is a good chance that your office spends a lot of time discussing the show – capitalize on this by uniting your employees on a fun Game of Thrones style group project.

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Parcel Broker Breaks Barriers With “The Wall” From Game Of Thrones

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