I am such a lover of hand drawn designs and art. I believe that drawing by hand is still one of the most basic element in design.  Of course, not all designs require a penciled sketch.  Found a site by Ross Bollinger and his specialty is pencil animation.

This is the very first Pencilmation episode by Ross Bollinger that inspired the sensational bi-weekly animated web series entitled..yes…Pencilmation!! In this episode the pencil draws our beloved stick man and gives him the gift of life, but his joy is short lived. The pencil proceeds to implement various means of physical and psychological torture (in the most lighthearted way possible of course). Will our beloved stick man hold up under pressure? Find out in Pencilmation #1: The Toon That Started It All!

Pencilmation #1.5: The Lost Episode…

Last year, somehow a nearly completed Pencilmation episode slipped through the cracks. Lying to waste, this episode may never have seen the light of day had Ross not stumbled upon it late one night. After moderate restoration, this episode is ready to meet the masses.

In Pencilmation #1.5, we find the pencil and paper right where they left off after episode #1. Buckle up for another round of those classic Pencilmation escapades!