Pixar Lamp: Must Be The Best Costume Ever! [Video]

We are talking about Halloween costumes a lot these days, and I guess you know why. However, costumes aren’t necessarily only for Halloween. I am sure they would work perfectly fine for any other masquerade party or event. Cosplay is definitely another use for them, and the more creative they are, the more attention you will probably get. As you can imagine, we get to see a ton of these costumes. Some are better than others, but there are always a few that stand out a little bit from the rest. Someone can spend a lifetime working on a costume, and yet, it won’t always impress you as far as creativity goes. Other times, there can be a costume that probably took a day to create, and it blows you away.

That is exactly what the Pixar Lamp costume does. It’s nothing advanced, nothing colorful and no advanced electronics are involved. It’s just pure creativity with some white fabric and a bit of imagination. I stumbled over this video clip of what I believe is one of the illest and coolest costumes I have ever seen. It just has me laughing every time I watch it. It’s not a very long video, it’s just 10 seconds, but those seconds will make you understand the awesomeness of this insanely cool creation.

It’s uploaded (an I guess created) by the YouTube user¬†cmtification, and so far it has gained a lot of attention. I don’t know if it is a comfortable costume to wear to a party, but dang, you will get the eyes of all the others on you. I guess you will have to remember to keep your balance because I can see this thing being a hazard in tight spaces. An epic Pixar Lamp failure would probably be even more viral on the Internet, wouldn’t you say?

Pixar Lamp Cosplay Costume Design