Play That T-Shirt: Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt

We have become obsessed with the illustrations and designs on the t-shirts from Seventh.Ink, but when it comes to next level t-shirts, there are always things to improve upon. Whether it is the layout or the cut of the t-shirt doesn’t really matter today cause these days, pretty much anyone can print their own t-shirts using one of the many online printing services. It is the great minds and designers that really bring home those bucket loads of cash. There are a few that we fan over here at Bit Rebels, and they have become community legends among not only our own readers but also in their own forum.

So what is the next level? It possibly is the technification of t-shirts. We’ve seen the LED generation hit and win, and we have watched the community exponentially expand with the hundreds of services available to print your t-shirts at a low cost and hassle free. However, what about sound? Will it become the hit that the LED shirts became a few years ago?

According to ThinkGeek, it is certainly a possibility worth checking out. This is their new shirt that incorporates a portable speaker system connected to a playable electronic synthesizer illustrated on the shirt itself. It doesn’t get any geekier than that, and for me, being a writer and producer and all, it would be the ultimate ice breaker when new artists enter the studio to record. It’s totally awesome! Buy this shirt for between $29.95-$32.98.