Playable Game Cosplay Pac-Man Costume Build

We are totally all about cosplay costumes over here at Bit Rebels. We drool over every single one that we peek at. It’s like a creative addiction that we can’t seem to shake. Some of the creations out there are not only impressive, they are created with the highest dedication to technology as well. Some incorporate lights and mechanics that make them interactive in a way. Some are operational, while others are just created out of cardboard. It doesn’t really matter how they are made, they are all impressive works of art. When it comes to the more advanced ones, we are especially interested in checking out how they work. One such example is the playable game cosplay costume sporting the legendary Pac-Man game.

It’s not every day that you stumble over something that might possibly be the most attention-getting cosplay costume of all time. This particular playable game cosplay costume was found on Make, but the creator does not have the DIY guide up for public viewing anymore, so basically I couldn’t pin down who created it. But you have to agree that it’s cosplay builds and creations like this that really make your head spin.

As a gaming geek, the fact that you can put on the most legendary gaming character of all time as a playable game cosplay costume is more than epic. Imagine going to the masquerade sporting this badboy. You would literary be the center of attention since people would do anything to break each other’s high scores. That means they will stand by your side during the entire party, and you will always have something interesting to talk about. That is the best solution I have seen for getting the most out of a great party.

The build itself doesn’t seem to be rocket science, but it’s maybe not the simplest of creations either. However, the result is mind boggling, and it may be the first time I have seen a playable game cosplay costume. Maybe there are more out there. If there are, never hesitate to let us know about it. We would love to feature it here on Bit Rebels. So, whether you have found something or created it yourself, hit us up. We would truly appreciate it!

DIY Playable Game Cosplay Costume




Via: [Gizmodiva]