Provocative Lego Ads – The Ads You Don’t Want Your Kids To See

There have been a bunch of Lego ads through the company’s lifetime and each one is more creative than the one before. One thing they all have in common is the block itself, not much more. The ads are usually about everything from regular builds to references to the legendary piece of plastic. No matter how you look at it, Lego will probably always be around and I think we draw inspiration from it each and every day. Millions of people around the world use the skills they learned from building easy and simple constructions to create new and exciting technologies.

That is exactly the reason why I became sad when I saw a few unofficial ads that are intended to be provocative. Provocative or not, disturbing is more likely the word I would like to use when looking at them. Sure, they are meant as a ploy and also a thought bender more likely to hang on a wall in an art exhibition. But everything about them is wrong, and I just don’t see the purpose of them. Maybe I am missing something or just don’t get it, but nonetheless, they are a bit over the edge.

It has been done before and it seems like it’s just another extension of an idea already played out long ago. Don’t get me wrong here, the execution (such a bad word to use in the context of what’s imaged in the pictures) of the photo compilation is flawless and creatively done… but I just think the concept of the whole idea was taken just a tad too far. But maybe that’s because I am a father to a little daughter…