QR Code Island: When Hi-Tech & Low-Tech Combine

Interesting things always seem to happen when high-tech and low-tech materials get mixed together into creative art. We’ve featured this before in an art installation that combined textiles and technology. The result of that design was dozens of LED flowers that were truly stunning.

Today I’d like to feature another example of this. The pictures you see below are of a place called “QR Code Island.” Mat Barnes and Eddie Blake created this island which has a homemade art feel to it. When viewed from above, it reminds me of images you might see on Google Earth.

The island, like the concept itself, has some modern architecture complemented with natural landscapes. The whole design looks like a QR code, and the best part is, it’s scannable with an app when a smartphone is held above it. The code leads to a special website. Of course, nobody knows what that website is unless they scan the art for themselves. Darn! I really want to know now. You can learn more about this on Dezeen or on the video below.

Hi-Tech and Low-Tech Combined Art

Hi-Tech and Low-Tech Combined Art

Hi-Tech and Low-Tech Combined Art

Via: [Junk-Culture]