QWERTY Keyboard Sofa Bed: Perfect For Falling Asleep On Your Keyboard

One of the many things children born today will never know is what it is like to feverishly type messages on our smartphones with a QWERTY keyboard. In our world where practically everything is getting a touchscreen incorporated into it, QWERTY keyboards are considered a relic from the past, which serve no practical purpose anymore other than just to give us a rush of nostalgia.

There are some benefits to a QWERTY keyboard that you just can’t get with a touchscreen though. For example, you can type on it without looking at the keys (which is useful during boring dinners when you want to put your hands under the table and type). Try doing that with a touchscreen. Mostly though, when it comes to our smartphones, QWERTY keyboard are now part of tech history.

If you want to experience that nostalgic feeling again, perhaps this QWERTY keyboard sofa bed will fit your fancy. It gives a whole new meaning to falling asleep on your keyboard. This sofa folds open to create a bed, and it would be perfect for those late nights at the office. We’ve all stayed up late and dozed off at our keyboards before, and now when you do it, you can just sleep there all night long. Just add some pillows and a blanket, and you’ll be all set.

This beauty was created by ZO-loft, an architecture and design firm located in Italy. As far as I know, it isn’t for sale. If you want one made for you, I’m sure you can contact the designer directly. This sofa bed would look great in the lobby of an IT company. It would get people talking for sure. If you want to see another QWERTY keyboard inspired design, check out these QWERTY Sneakers.

QWERTY Keyboard Sofa Bed Design

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