For Clumsy People: A Goof-Proof, Spill-Proof, Washable Keyboard

I need three or four of these washable keyboards. Yup, I’m that messy. I’ve spilled everything from ketchup to chocolate milk on my keyboards, and each time it happens, another bites the dust. If I had a washable keyboard like this, I could just pop it in the dishwasher. Since it is okay to submerge it into 11 inches of water (30 cm), I’m assuming a dishwasher would be fine too. Perfect!

If you eat most of your meals in front of the screen like I do, you will love this washable keyboard too. It just makes me wonder why nobody has thought of this before. Maybe most people aren’t as clumsy as me, so it’s never been an issue. Having a washable keyboard wouldn’t only be helpful for cleaning up food spills though. It would also help for getting rid of cat or dog hair, dust or someone’s skeevie germs. I can’t imagine why any computer geek wouldn’t want one of these.

The keys on this Logitech washable keyboard are even laser printed and coated with a UV covering so they won’t fade or chip from washing. There are a few different companies that have started selling spill-proof, washable keyboards, but the Logitech one makes the most sense to me since it’s right over on Amazon. It’s only $40, which seems like a bargain considering how many keyboards I’ve had to replace over the years.

There is just something about washing a keyboard that seems like it would be fun since mixing water with technology is usually taboo. If you want to read a great article which does a comparison of this Logitech keyboard and the one sold by Kensington, just click over to The Dirt On Washable Keyboards. Now if Apple would just start selling washable iPads, MacBooks and iPhones, I’d be all set!

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