The R2-D2 & C-3PO Friendship Necklace For Geeky Besties

Now that I’ve seen this friendship necklace, I’ll never look twice at those other ones that are just regular hearts. If you are a geek with a geek bestie, you are going to love this. One of the most special friendships, well, from a droid perspective, is the friendship between R2-D2 and C-3PO. They were best friends through it all. Sure, they got on each other’s nerves at times and disagreed, but they always looked out for each other and tried to protect one another.

This friendship necklace symbolizes that relationship. It is handmade, and Etsy artist rapscalliondesign creates each one individually (it costs $33.25). According to her Etsy page, “These two droids are the original besties, so it seemed only fitting for us to take their likenesses and create a symbol for you and your best friend to wear.”

In case you are unfamiliar with how a friendship necklace works, the heart is in two separate pieces (see the pictures below). Each bestie wears one side of the heart. Then when you are together, you can see that they can come together for form the whole heart. If I had this, I would choose the R2 side, although either one would be fine really. The idea around it isn’t really about the necklace itself, but more about celebrating your friendship with another Star Wars geek.

If you take a gander through rapscallion’s Etsy store (linked above), you’ll find that she has a lot of friendship necklaces in there, not just this Star Wars one. There is one inspired by zombies and even peanut butter and jelly. I also saw a Death Star locket and some Vader cufflinks in there. If you have a best friend who you love enough to share a friendship necklace with, be sure you hug that person today. That kind of friendship is rare, and it should be treasured every day.

R2-D2 & C-3PO Friendship Necklace For Geeky Besties

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Via: [Technabob]