Guy Creates Real Extendable Game Of Thrones Castle

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you know how each episode can change the entire series in just a few minutes. It’s constant suspense, and it’s one of the most successful shows on television. We have featured countless head spinning fan creations here at Bit Rebels over the years, and this one is no exception. When a guy creates a real extendable Game of Thrones castle, we are definitely featuring it.

I bet there are plenty of people out there who are tinkering with their own extendable castles after having seen the Game of Thrones intro presentation. It’s lavish and impressive, that’s for sure, but it is also not real. It’s all created with the help of computer graphics. However, this is the real deal, which makes it one of the most advanced creations we have ever featured here at Bit Rebels. Or is it?

Well, I am sorry to say that when I looked at it my head spun like a dryer on steroids. I was trying to debunk it as a fake, or at least some trickery. I couldn’t find any, until the end of the video of course. This genius of a boy has managed to create a super realistic extendable Game of Thrones castle animation with off-the-shelf software (Blender 3D). Using his own imagination and creating his own textures, he put together an animation that would be a shame not to feature and show you guys.

The one thing that could beat this impressive feat would be if someone actually created the real deal. If someone would send us a real extendable Game of Thrones castle video, I am sure it would become a super hit and go viral on the Internet within minutes. Even though this one turned out to be another 3D generated hoax, I am still super impressed with what this guy has been able to produce. Not only that, but rendering software is getting so good that it blurs the line between reality and fake.

Real Extendable Game Of Thrones Castle – Sort Of

Extendable Game of Thrones Castle

Extendable Game of Thrones Castle