Real Life Super Mario: Gaming Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

The need for a little bit of Super Mario in our lives is evidently high, and people have started to reenact the legendary 8-bit game in various ways. Some creative people have even created a 3D version (if only a movie) of Super Mario to liven up the game in our memories and put a new touch on it. The iconic Nintendo NES game has always been a go-to source for awesomeness on the Internet, and if you search for Super Mario, you can be sure to have content enough to create a whole separate website about it.

There have been quite a few incarnations of the game through the years, but I don’t think any of these sequels have been as successful as the original one. That is, if you consider Super Mario Bros. to be the original one. There was, as we all know, Donkey Kong, which never became as popular as Super Mario did. It did; however, have Mario in it, or rather a carpenter. But ever since we first started playing Super Mario, we became obsessed with the game.

The guys behind AndrewMFilms certainly know how to make a captivating reenactment of Super Mario. Their take, simply called “Real Life Super Mario Bros” has a different touch to it that I am sure you haven’t seen before. At first, this YouTube clip starts just like every other real life Super Mario clip does. It’s the ordinary jump, crush the blocks, then the encounter of enemies.

It is what happens after that which makes this video clip so original. I could sit here and type it out for you, but that wouldn’t do it justice. Let’s just say that playing games doesn’t really have to be that hard, especially Super Mario. Bringing real life objects into games can sometimes have a huge advantage. I just wish that game makers around the world would soon implement some apparatus that actually let you inject whatever objects you want into your game to help you complete it. Wouldn’t that be an awesome gameplay? Well, this one might just be a little over the top. #JustSaying

Real Life Super Mario Game