Real Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suits When Riding Your Speeder Bike

While cosplayers are constantly trying to build the best and most realistic costumes for show, some product manufacturers want in on the big bucks and try to bring fans what they really want. A company by the name of UD Replicas knows that any respectable motorcycle Star Wars fan would like one or two true and spotless replica Stormtrooper motorcycle suits that will certainly make people know the epic character of your Star Wars fandom.

We are not strangers to Star Wars replicas here at Bit Rebels, and we have seen and featured more than we could ever remember by now. However, these Stormtrooper motorcycle suits are the real deal. They are developed to take the impact should you be unfortunate enough to end up in a situation where you would need it, which we sincerely hope you never will. Putting on one of these motorcycle suits will not only keep you safe, but you will also make an impression that people around you will never forget.

Don’t think that these suits are particularly cheap, well they are in comparison to what you could get, but these motorcycle suits come in parts. First off, you can choose between a white or black suit and the complete price for one of them is $1,276.00. However, you can also buy them piece by piece. The separate price for each is $649.00 for the jacket, $349.00 for the pants, $89.00 for the gloves and $189.00 for the boots.

Yes, as you have probably figured out by now they don’t sell the helmet unfortunately. The Stormtrooper helmet is for promotional use only, but if you would like one I am sure there is one you can find that fits with these motorcycle suits. If you want to be a true Star Wars fan and show it off, then there is little else you will find out there that is as epic as these protective armor motorcycle suits. Now, if we could just find a mass-produced and cheap working speeder bike, right?

Working Replica Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suits

Replica Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suits

Replica Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suits

Replica Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suits

Via: [Hi Consumption]