Retro Joystick Makes Your iPad That Much Cooler!

Recently Diana wrote about a suction cup iPad controller that plenty of people found quite interesting (I was one of them). But the retro feel of that “button” didn’t fully tickle my fancy, so I set out to see if I could find one better. I wanted one that could make my wet retro dreams become reality in a split second. Even though I haven’t had time to play that many games on my iPad, I often wonder what a big screen could offer me as far as game controls and such.

I know from the iPhone that there are some games that you can steer the character by just placing your thumb on the side of the screen and pushing gently to each direction and the character will follow, just like a puppet on a string. That’s the thing, I want the controls to be physical and not just pressure points with directional pull if you know what I mean.

JOYSTICK-IT is the right solution for your every retro fetish. It’s very similar to the suction cup “button,” but it’s a real joystick instead, and a darn good looking one too if I may say so. Sure, the iPad will feel somewhat like a miniature joystick console for one of those large scale wheel consoles that can carry a house to a different location. The only thing missing is the strap around your neck and the work clothes.

However, the ultimate selling point for this is the unbeatable retro feel it has. I am still curious about the response time of this badboy, but by the look of it, it’s as accurate as a touch of the screen itself. Of course it’s ThinkGeek once again that pulls you in to make a master geek out of you with this product. Hop on over there to taste the air of total domination when you’re up against a fellow iPad gamer. The only difference between you and him/her is that you’ll kick serious butt! You’ll get one yourself for just 24.99.