Retro Table Created Out Of Old Mac G4 Computers

What do you do with old gadgets and computers? Some people just send them off to be recycled when they purchase a new one. It doesn’t really matter if they are working or not, they are just finished with them. Some hand their old computers down to someone else, and some people even store them for future generations to behold. I usually store my gadgets since they usually still work even after I’ve upgraded to new ones. I have an old G4 Mac computer that I purchased a good 15 years ago that is still running smoothly. I still run real time statistics for online applications and websites on it. It’s a real companion that I have a hard time shutting down in order to upgrade. When I finally do, maybe I should turn it into a retro table like the one I am going to show to you today.

When it comes to geeky recycling, the people over at RE:FORM are probably some of the top dogs out there. They have managed to take 2 leftover G4 Mac computers and turn them into one heck of a retro table. This quite geeky table sports a glass cover, a spring and some cranks (which are non-functional). I immediately started thinking about the game Half-Life when I saw it for some odd reason.

This retro table would totally be a perfect fit for any geek who is harboring the ultimate geek sauce. If you are one of those geeks, you will be happy to know that this particular table isn’t made available for rich people only. If you want to purchase this retro table, it will only set you back an easy $600. I would say that is a pretty good price for a custom made retro table made out of two (not one) G4 Mac computers. What more could a computer geek want than a table to match his or her awesome skills when it comes to the intricate workings of a computer? If you are an Apple fan, this might make an even more perfect fit for you.

Custom Retro Table Made Out Of G4 Mac Computers



Via: [Walyou]