Ridiculous R2-D2 Now Officially In The Lego Lineup

When looking at the history of Lego, we quickly find that the people at Lego are quite big fans of Star Wars. They have released some really awesome builds that would take you a while to assemble. They don’t come cheap either, most of the Star Wars builds are quite expensive. I reckon that has to do with the fact that the process of making the blocks isn’t exactly cheap, and that the sales might not be in the millions, despite the fact that there are millions of Star Wars fans out there. Even though Lego has ventured into the Star Wars galaxy to retrieve inspiration for cool builds before, they have never really put out a badass character build that really measures up. Sure, there are those little teeny tiny Lego figurines, but I wouldn’t call those builds.

It so happens that Lego has now officially announced that they are to release one heck of an awesome R2-D2 Lego build that will make your head melt. It will contain 2,100 blocks and stand about 12 inches from the ground. It’s a massive build with a crap load of features to match the “real life” R2-D2’s awesomeness. It will no doubt take you a while to put this badboy together. For a build of this scale, it is very flexible and the wheel arms are created to mimic the movements of the real R2-D2, along with a bucket load of other cool features.

Don’t expect it to be cheap though. Priced at $250, it’s probably not something that most kids will get to enjoy. By the looks of it, it’s mostly aimed at the collectors of Lego Star Wars builds out there. Just how long it will take to assemble this thing I have no clue, but the fact that it has over 2,100 pieces tells me that it might not be reasonable to do over a lunch. The question is though whether or not we will see an even bigger C-3PO build soon enough as well. I mean, it would be kind of discriminating not to include the golden bot when R2-D2 gets to be in the official Lego lineup, right?


Via: [Geeky Gadgets]