Rubik’s Cube Wonder!

Here is one cool packaging idea the Rubik’s Cube Font generator.

The handiwork of Jas Bhachu of the Liverpool School of Art & Design, the cube has rubber stamp impressions on four of its sides, and by twisting it through different orientations can create a variety of characters.

Inside the packaging there’s the cube itself, an ink pad and the instructions, which show all of the different arrangements which can be used to make letters and numbers.  It’ll be time-consuming and laborious, of course, not to mention messy, but if you want to print your own posters with a minimum of tools then this is certainly one approach.

It seems unlikely that this will ever reach production, but it wouldn’t be too tricky to recreate yourself.  Some thin rubber, glue and an old Rubik’s Cube should get you started.

Picture 2

Picture 1