Scare Tactics: When The Floor Falls Out Of An Elevator [Video]

I know of a few people who hate taking the elevator. They’d rather spend the extra 5 minutes walking up the 20 stairs in order to reach their destination instead of having to experience an anxiety attack in an elevator. There are a lot of people who are scared to ride an elevator, and this article probably won’t make it any easier on them. It’s a bit of old fun, yet an awesome display of how fast the human mind really reacts to scare tactics.

If you find yourself in a situation where life in an instant is anything but certain, your brain will start racing at a hyperactive speed. That became evident when LG recently tested out their new IPS monitors on unexpecting elevator passengers through some rather intricate scare tactics. They wanted to showcase the realism these monitors could display, and by the looks of things, it worked. It’s a sinister prank that could easily give anyone a heart attack.

Imagine yourself situated in an elevator and suddenly the floor fell out underneath you. How would you react? I think anyone in their right mind and with a will to live would react just like the passengers of this elevator. These scare tactics are sinister yes, but ultimately hilarious. The prank itself is ingeniously executed, and I am sure this will not be the last time we see scare tactics executed in elevators. However, this surely was a prank on a level of its own. It’s amazing how fast the human brain goes into hyper-drive when it finds itself in a dangerous situation, even when it’s just scare tactics. Next time you take the elevator, make sure to check for suspicious cameras and crew men lurking around the perimeter. Now the real question is, how do you think you would react if this happened to you?

LG’s Elevator Scare Tactics Prank