Scary Five Finger Fillet Robot Recreates The Memorable Scene From Aliens

The actions of some human beings make us want to question the intelligence of our species. Take this brave soul for example; he is willing to sacrifice his flesh and blood to test a robot! Irfon Automation created a video where a man plays a game of Five Finger Fillet with a robotic arm that is equipped with a knife. This knife-wielding robot is the Staubli TX40 but we are more curious to find out about the man in the video and why he doesn’t value his fingers more!

Five Finger Fillet is a risky game, to begin with, but blindly trusting that a robot will not jab your hand with the knife, takes this game to the next level of stupidity. The intention behind the video is to demonstrate the precision, programmability, and speed of the robot, but that does not mean that a human needs to give up his hand for the cause. Even the highest quality of coding will not satisfy most people regarding the safety aspect of this game but the man seems quite willing to take the risk. Does he not realize that a few wrong keyboard strokes could cause his hand to be reduced to minced meat?

One might even ask oneself why this gear hungry individual is no upping the ante a bit and sharping that knife to razorblade standard. Why not go all out, right?

This trust that some people place in artificial intelligence is quite concerning. It is, after all, created by mere mortals and is subject to human error. There is some relief in the fact that they did not tune the robot to stab the table at a super fast speed. Perhaps this is why the man seems quite relaxed in this bone-chilling situation. He is relying on his reflexes to protect him from the blade, in case the robot malfunctions. It is still a huge chance to take in our opinion. These robot games seem quite dangerous and must not be tried at home no matter how cool they look unless you are craving some Human Kebab.

[pullquote]The very fact that the speed of the robot is not dialed up to the maximum limit is proof that even the makers don’t trust a knife-wielding robot with a human life.[/pullquote] Bear this in mind when companies start selling you robots that can prepare meals for you. Careful measures are needed at all times when there is an artificial intelligence in the vicinity. Never trust a machine to such an extent that you invite it home for a few rounds of robot games, especially those that involve sharp objects.

In fact, don’t rely on humans either when it comes to the game of Five Finger Fillet. Who invented this ridiculous way to pass the time anyway? If you have an amazing robot at your disposal, why would you teach it how to play Five Finger Fillet instead of using it to build something that could change the world? Believe it or not, you won’t be helping the planet in any way by offering your fingers to a knife-wielding robot, except providing a video that will be watched by all in a loop. So play with machines all you want but keep the knives away! – Click here for more crazy scary stuff!

Daredevil Performs The Five Finger Fillet Using His Robot

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