Shut up already!

Working from home has MANY benefits, being able to call your hours (most of the time) and being close to the family who are only just a few steps away.  Unfortunately this can also be a problem!  Babies crying, children moaning television on, its all not conducive to a good working environment really.

So how do you combat this?  Well if you have an office, you could soundproof it.  Empty egg boxes are meant to be a good idea.  You could also go for ear defenders, I knew a guy who worked in an office who had a pair of ear defenders so he could escape the background noise.  He also wore a very ill fitting cardigan and smelt of burning hemp but that’s beside the point!

Noise at home can be a real problem, I know it is for me, so the best solution lives in science.  Noise cancelation.  How it works is the sound coming from the surrounding area is captured and basically played back over itself, this cancels the sound wave out meaning you hear nothing.

If you want to read more about it have a look here.

So how is this going to help you at home?  Well you can get sound cancellation in headphones!  The headphones actively cancel out the outside noise leaving you in silence, and enable you to hear your music at whatever volume you like because there is no need to drown out the background sound.  Genius.

Unfortunately I had to go for just a good comfy pair of headphones, that will cancel out some sound but wont be as good as active cancellation, the reason is because my wife still wants to be able to call me… lol

How do you avoid distractions of sound while working from home or even in the office?  Have you got a pair of these magical headphones?