Party Cup: The Party Accessory For Smartphone Junkies

Juggling your phone while partying is the last thing you should be concerned about, right? How many times have you woken up after an epic night out when it suddenly hits you, “Where did I put my smartphone?” Research has shown that when we’re our partying, we’re a lot more likely to misplace our phone than during our ordinary everyday endeavors. That’s why we all need the party cup, a rather geeky innovation that will have you partying in style.

There is no limit to what geeks can dream up if they put their minds to it, and this is an example of that. The anti-social behavior of smartphone junkies will most certainly increase its grip on the owners of this Cell Phone Holder Party Cup, as it is called. It’s nothing more than a 16oz beverage party cup with a built-in smartphone stand, but it’s quite useful as well. Not only that, but it also has an incorporated straw so you can keep your eyes glued to that smartphone screen of yours. God forbid you should miss one little thing happening on that smartphone, right?

Innovation doesn’t always have to be all technological, even though this one sort of is anyway. If you’re a geek of epic proportions, this will certainly come in handy. Not only will you be able to screen-peep your way through the party, but you will also have an endless number of topics to talk about since that smartphone of yours will always bring you new ones. See, it’s not always such a bad thing to adopt new innovation.

You can get one (or more) of these over at Perpetual Kid for just $8.00 a pop. It’s a rather low price for something that will make you the virtual king of the party you’re about dominate with your epic self. Just make sure not to carelessly throw this party cup in the trash when it’s empty. It is, after all, made out of plastic. It’s a mistake that would make the party a horrible experience, don’t you think?

Perpetual Kid’s Smartphone Holder Party Cup


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