SpongeBob Lego Terminator Never Gets Old

Creativity must be the biggest word in the dictionary.  No, really, it must be because there is not another word that fits so many things that we don’t know about yet.  Do you know what I mean?  Sure, infinity is a pretty big one as well, but it doesn’t fit the word creativity.  Creativity; however, does fit the word infinity.  Yeah, it’s somewhat of a paradox there I know.  You can elaborate on that idea for years without reaching any kind of solution.  It’s somewhat like the Terminator movies.  The story as a whole is pretty intriguing, but as soon as you start picking it apart, you can’t reach an ending.  It’s annoying really.

But, this SpongeBob Lego Terminator never gets old.  I mean that in two different ways.  First, you have the infinite way of telling a story about it.  I am sure I don’t have to go into detail about that.  Then you have the creativity around this cool Lego build.  It’s cooler than cool and every detail reminds us of two of the coolest characters ever created.

I remember when I was younger how I used to be glued to the screen while watching SpongeBob.  It just never got old.  And while we’re talking about Terminator, who could have missed those iconic movies that always keep generating sequels and prequels.  This SpongeBob Lego Terminator, created by Rack911, truly refuels our urge to bring out the blocks and make a first new world of something.  Yeah, just something, but what?

Build Sponge Bob Terminator Lego

Back View Sponge Bob Terminator

Dual Sponge Bob Lego Builds

Front View Sponge Bob Terminator

Side View Sponge Bob Terminator