Star Trek Pizza Cutter! Boldly Cut Where No Man Has Cut Before!

Pizza is one of our favorite foods for dinner, and why not? It’s yummy, its convenient, and it’s a lot of fun to eat while watching your favorite sports channel or movie while lounging around on a Saturday night. We always have pizza when cooking is too much of a hassle, or when everyone is tired. I am amazed at those who actually make their own pizza! I think its great because they can create it exactly the way they like it, whether it’s more cheese, more toppings or a healthier version of the crust.

We tried creating our own one time, and yes, it was good, but we did not have a pizza cutter at home so it was such a hassle! It really takes the fun out of eating pizza when it’s not the perfect slice. If you are a pizza lover, and if you love making them at home, here is a handy gadget that not only lets you cut the perfect slice, but also lets you relive your Star Trek fantasy. The Star Trek Pizza Cutter lets you boldly cut where no man has sliced a pizza before.

It is an official Star Trek collectible. It’s has a stainless steel blade with a solid zinc-alloy chromium plated body. Now during dinner parties you can proudly show off your metal pizza cutter in the form of the famous NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from Star Trek, the original series. If you don’t like pizza, this $24.99 pizza cutter can also be a great holiday or birthday gift for your friends who love Star Trek and pizza too!