Star Trek Technology: It’s Closer Than You Think [Infographic]

It’s hard to believe that Star Trek has been around for 45 years and spawned 6 television series and 11 movies. We write about Star Trek a lot, and one of our favorite aspects of it (aside from Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine) is the famous Star Trek technology that has inspired us all for decades. I could watch Star Trek over and over just for the gadgets.

Richard has written in his articles about how some of the Star Trek technology is already a reality, while other things are still far off in the distance (like transporters). One thing that Star Trek always portrays is what the future will supposedly look like. The wonderfully geeky folks over at Sortable decided to put together an infographic to show how close we are to that future being a reality.

They’ve listed 11 famous Star Trek technologies and an explanation about where we stand as far as each one being invented. It’s really neat to see how they relate Star Trek gadgets to what we currently have. Wow, I knew Star Trek inspired a lot of what we have today, but I never realized to what degree. Now I can’t help but wonder if Steve Jobs was a trekkie. I also didn’t realize until I read this how far we’ve come. Nice!

Captain Kirk and Spock Technologies

Via: [Geekologie]