Star Trek: The 60 Second Papercraft Short Movie Version

Why is it that Star Wars fans and Star Trek fans don’t get along?  I mean, everyone knows that there are several billion galaxies out there and that each of those worlds can co-exist.  I mean, what’s all the fuss about?  Star Wars is nothing like Star Trek and vice versa.  It’s almost like if BMW people hated everyone driving a Audi.  It just doesn’t make sense.  We have covered a lot of Star Wars ground on Bit Rebels, but unfortunately, I can’t say we have spent the same amount of time covering Star Trek.  Maybe it’s because the creations involving Star Trek are not as easy to find.  If you have something Star Trek related laying around that you think the world would be better knowing about, then by all means send it to us and we’ll have a look.

I managed to find something that could educate every Star Wars fan about Star Trek in less then 60 seconds, so this one should speak to both Star Trek fans as well as Star Wars fans.  It’s the cool and ultimately weird version of Star Trek: The Wrath Of Kahn all done in papercraft.

So, if you’re not too familiar with Star Trek (I feel the spotlight suddenly hit me), then this could certainly shed some light on the history and the world within it.  Just make sure you keep your eyes on the screen though since this short video is cutting between scenes like it was your average neighborhood butcher going amok with the knife.  I just wish it was longer and maybe a bit more time was spent on the sound effects.  No, I did not just say that because I am a Star Wars fan. #JustSaying!

Papercraft Star Trek Movie Version

Star Trek Papercraft Ear Creep

Star Trek Enterprise Papercraft Version

Star Trek Introduction Screen View