Custom Star Wars Death Star Pendant Will Beam Around Your Neck

The moon-sized Star Wars fictional space station could destroy a planet with a single blast of an energy beam. Although the Star Wars Death Star concept and completion varied and felt like it took forever, it seemed like it was real to viewers. In reality, it was collectively added together by completed and sectional models along with matte paintings to give Star Wars fan the real deal feel.

Flipped horizontally for the final cut of the movie, both Star Wars Death Stars not only appeared in the films, but the extended version as well. Now it can make its final appearance around your neck. The made-to-order Death Star pendant is not exactly moon-sized. It’s more like the size of a quarter, but its details are impeccable. Its unique, handmade formation will make the perfect gift for the Star Wars fans that are not so far, far, away.

Made right here on earth, this sterling silver pendant will stand as your very own petition of love for the Death Star. Even though we saw the real proposal to the White House get denied, our yearning to see a life-sized form of the Death Star still remains within our Jedi minds.

Since only 137 centimeters of the model for the Star Wars movies was ever completed, it leaves us hopeful that someday we will see a completion of the infamous Star Wars Death Star. So if you are in search of a replica you could wear proudly around your neck, than why not a sterling silver out-of-this-world pendant? Each of these made to order pendants take at least two weeks to complete. The back is flat and stamped sterling, so all of its glory resides on the front without irritation. This one-of-a-kind Death Star pendant is sure to bring out the force within and align the darkside with the good. You can pick it up in Dan’s Magic Etsy Store for $150.

Made-To-Order Star Wars Death Star Pendant



Via: [Dan’s Magic / Etsy]