The Forgotten Star Wars Reality – Unofficial Images

The world of the Star Wars movie series is getting bigger and bigger by the hour it seems. There are new characters, droids, weapons and places that bring us back to the ultimate movie universe over and over again. I am a huge Star Wars fan; however, I agree with most fans that the prequels that George Lucas put together don’t come close to the movie magic that we saw in the “first” three movies. Then again, maybe that’s because everything was so much more magical when we are kids.

Every now and then, there are images and clips never before seen that are released to the masses. It doesn’t really matter whether they are from some of the people that have been working on the movies, or from the actual behind the scenes footage. We all want as much as possible of it, and every new piece is added gently to the puzzle that we try to put together.

That is why I got quite excited when I found some unofficial images that, of course, weren’t from the actual shooting of the movie. These photos are simply put together to give us an alternate way of experiencing Star Wars. It’s quite unique if I may say so myself. The creativity that Cédric Delsaux (Photographer) and Pierrick Gueneugue (3D Artist) showcase is both playful and imaginary. It really connects the Star Wars universe with our own. If you look closely at all the images, you will find more and more details that have to do with Star Wars. It’s a challenge to really find them all. It’s a wonderful and exciting way to spend a few minutes of your break before returning to your usual endeavors. Brilliantly done!